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Terms and Conditions

The contract between Rutlandwebsites and the client will be based on these terms and conditions to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions. 

Any alteration will be agreed between Rutlandwebsites and the client in writing.

The work to be carried out will be confirmed in a Rutlandwebsites email.

Commencement of work will start once the domain name has been agreed and the £90 fee has been paid to cover purchase of domain, creation of the site and first year of hosting. The £7.50 monthly fee then becomes payable in the second year.

We reserve the right to disable any of our clients website's where payment has not been received within a reasonable time. There will be a £30.00 administration charge to reactivate a site that has been disabled due to late payment.

Rutlandwebsites expects the client to carry out sufficient research to ensure that their website idea operates within UK law.

If images have been provided by Rutlandwebsites, then these images are for use on the website only.

Rutlandwebsites are committed to providing a reliable and professional service to the client but cannot
guarantee that website hosting will be available at all times.This can be due to a technical failure that
is beyond our control. We will work with our hosting company to resolve any problems to minimise disruption.

Whilst Rutlandwebsites will do our best to provide search engine optimisation (SEO) for clients we cannot guarantee high rankings on search engines.

Domain names are registered and owned by Rutlandwebsites. In the unlikely event that a domain name needs to be transferred elsewhere, then Rutlandwebsites will charge the client a £30.00 administration fee. The domain name will be transferred within a reasonable time by Rutlandwebsites.

Rutlandwebsites will renew the domain name at the renewal date.

Rutlandwebsites does not accept responsibility for the content of a clients website. Although Rutlandwebsites owns the domain name, the content and look and feel of the website are the responsibility of the client.

Unless otherwise stated, the client agrees to their website being on our portfolio page for prospective Rutlandwebsite clients perusal.

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